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Beurer 24-piece Nail Drill Kit

The beurer 24-piece professional manicure and pedicure nail drill kit is perfect for those who are in the market for a quick and easy mani or pedi. This kit comes with 10 nails, which makes it the perfect number for most applications. The drill is lightweight and has a thin bit, making it perfect for easy maneuvering in crowded areas. Additionally, the bit is sharpened for a deep, defining dent in the nail surface. With its bright, white color and indicator light, the beurer 24-piece is sure to get the job done.

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This beurer 24-piece professional manicure nail drill kit has 10 nail drills for creating beautiful nails in any condition. It is perfect for anyone who wants to get the best out of their work life.
this beurer 24-piece professional manicure nail drill kit has 10 stainless steel nails for precision and power. The kit includes a beurer 24-piece manicure tool, drill, and bender. The drill is specifically designed for making small spots and the bender is perfect for making large areas. The kit also includes a tool to free up space on your salon floor, so you can continue to use your tools to their full potential.